Types of outlets

The types of outlets will depend on size, location, footfall and a day or night operation to determine the best suited layout. We have experience in various types of layouts and will help our franchisee establish what type of layout is required to suit their premises.

Elfalafel will also help our franchisee source their equipment via reputable suppliers to enable cost savings for the franchisee.

Types of outlets

Considerations that need to be taken into account:

Budget of franchisee for location – some franchisees will have a larger budget for their location whilst some will have a smaller location. This will determine and type of outlet required. A larger location may be used for a restaurant type of concept where seating is provided and the target market may be families and groups, whilst a smaller location may be better suited to a falafel only takeaway concept.

City centre or out of town location – Some franchisees may go for a city centre location which will require a different set-up to make it easy to cope with the footfall of people and also serve customers efficiently during busy periods. For out of town locations they may require a different set-up based on what is around the area – e.g. offices, schools, to cope with the different types of customers who may come.

Shopping centre locations – for shopping centre locations you have to take into account families and children and a special menu has to be created just for children and this may appeal to health conscious parents and would want their children to eat healthy. Also this type of location requires a simple yet effective layout to serve customers quickly and efficiently.

Day and night operations – Some falafel outlets will only be open during the day time in which case the layout will need to reflect a cafe style concept with day time snacks and drinks like tea and coffee, whilst some operations will be night time operations in which case they will need to more takeaway look similar to fast food outlets. The falafel outlets open both in the day and night will need a combination of both concepts so not one type of market is isolated.

Footfall locations or drive by locations – Again locations with high footfall may require a different set-up to cope with busy times to give customers quick and good service. Drive by locations where customers visit more frequently but in smaller numbers may be better to make the location more appealing so they can get other items from the menu. They may want to takeaway more food for their family or may require drinks such as tee and coffee.